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Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror offers a horror shaped by authentic Indonesian taboos and culture among its own society. In Pamali, your journey is influenced by your choices, because each horror experience is different for everyone.
Folklore One: The White Lady
A young man named Jaka has just gone back to his hometown to sell his old family house. While he is unpacking, cleaning, and renovating the house, he disregards many of his family’s old belongings and creates rude remarks. Not long after, he experiences mysterious and unexplained events. He eventually learns that the family has a secret and that he is not the only one in the empty house.
A Haunted House
Explore an abandoned Indonesian house with a spine-chilling atmosphere. Seek deeper into the house to find out more about an unsettling truth about the family. Be careful not to disrespect the mystical being that resides there.
Object Interaction
Interact with various objects within the house. You could also speak out your thoughts. Found an interesting painting? You can either praise it or mock it instead. Be wary of your choices, what you do, see or say will lead you to a unique take on the world in each repeatable playthrough.
Multiple Endings
Having second thoughts? You can run away the instant you arrived. Or do you wish to quickly sell the house without disturbing the entity that lingers in it? Or rather arrogantly explore and seek the entity? In Pamali, you'll be able to take decisions that will impact the experience and the ending. If you were in that situation, what would you do?
Seek the truth about Jaka and his family. Learn deeper about the White Lady. After each unique playthrough, you'll unlock deeper lores about the troubling truth and the entity itself.
Four Different Folklores
The White Lady is the first among the four Indonesian Folklores that you can investigate on. Folklore two, three and four will be released as DLCs. Experience different stories each with its own authentic Indonesian setting and mystical being.

Founded by a bunch of then-undergraduate students from Bandung, Indonesia. The project has been rough and tough, mainly because we were university students. However, we dragged ourselves slowly to get sort of everything balanced. Now, here we are.

Andreas Andika is responsible for the technical directing, Chandrika N. Dewi is taking care of the art directing, M. Irfan Permadi is the programmer, Mira Wardhaningsih and Aulia Khairunnisa write all the story, and Rolly Anwari creates all the music for the game.

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