Wednesday 6th May, Global Update

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COVID – 19, Wednesday 6th May

US shooting

Cases, 1,204,475
Deaths, 71,078
Human vaccine trials
Manipulates genetic code of virus

1,700 deaths disclosed at care facilities

Cases, 62,046
Deaths 4,043

Cases, 1,488
Deaths, 21, ()
Today’s (Tues 5th May) figures are:
0 confirmed or probable cases for the 2nd day in a row
0 deaths for 5 days
4 in hospital, none in ICU
Testing, Tracing, Isolating

Cases, 165,929
Deaths, 1,537
3 medics have fallen out of windows

Cases, 2,989
Deaths, 55

People spend much of their time outdoors, are of fairly light skin colour and are possible not deficient in Vit D

Wearing face masks is almost universal.

Everyone has their temperature taken (OK not the best screening test but easy to do) before being allowed in a shop or mall.

Doormen meet you at the entrance of a shop/supermarket and squirt alcohol into your hands.

Shopping baskets are cleaned after each use.

In Phuket, at least, there is little public transport most people travelling on mopeds or in cars.

The authorities isolated known hotspots and tested everyone there. This happened in Phuket in a couple of towns.

Each new case is given a number and information is published as to which positive case they are presumed to have contracted the infection. A chain of infection seems to be known.

The recent spike of 18 cases yesterday was due to a group of migrant workers who were in quarantine, some of whom developed the disease whilst in quarantine

‘When the outbreak occurred, they switched off the aircon in the school my daughter teaches at, opened all the windows, and encouraged mask wearing’

Cases, + 4,000 = 49,436
Deaths, 1,655
Alcohol shops reopened

Cases, 10,929
Deaths, 183
Community transmission
Dhaka epicentre
People going back to work
Lockdown to 16th May
Some factories reopening
Cox’s Bazar, mostly isolated from outside
A lockdown within a lockdown
No cases yet
1 m refugees
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