We Open “SUPER RARE” Call of Duty League Cards!

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Got a special video today for all you that are fans of LA Thieves and the Call of duty league as a whole. We got our hands on some CDL players cards made by the VLionman and the guys. They worked with us to make these cards to showcase all the talent of the league.

In these packs Huke, Kenny, Venom and Drazah will go through all the stage 1 Cards as well as a couple of cards from stage 2. The thing that is interesting about these packs beyond the Stage cards are Legendary holographic cards. Highlighting some of the vast talent around the current CDL players like Scump, Crimsix, Clayster, Kenny, Huke, Formal, Slasher, and simp.

These Legendary Cards are called career cards and they feature states like how many pro event they have competed in, Average placing, Series win/losses, Event wins, prize money won, and more!

Some cards are beyond the CDL showing some of the old pros careers such as Nadeshot, Enable, old 100 Thieves Roaster, Censor, Optic WWII roaster and more.

In todays video the goal for the players is to chose one pack of cards and rank to see who has the pack that has the most value. By the end of the video they will have a trading block were they open one more pack and have 5 mins to trade out any cards between each other and that one pack.

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