Waist Training Made My Waist BIGGER | Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

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Waist Training Made My Waist BIGGER | Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

Hey guys Zygostatics back again with the second episode of Zygostatics Labs. Loads of you have requested for us to make a video looking into waist trainers, and if waist trainers really work?

Today we conducted a 23 day scientific experiment to help find the answers.
I did waist training without exercise to test what effect a waist trainer has alone. I also kept my diet at maintenance to exclude the effect of nutrition. In this way we could isolate the effect of the waist trainer and find out if it really works!

In this video we explain:
00:00 Intro- Waist Training Results and Before and After Pics
00:44 What Zygostatics Labs Is About
01:20 What Are Waist Trainers?
03:36 How Waist Trainers Work- Possibilities
05:11 Our Experiment Overview
08:07 My Experience
12:05 Waist Training Results And Discussion
16:59 Conclusion | Does Waist Training Work?
20:00 Answering Youtubers Who Promote Waist Trainers
22:46 Final Thoughts + REAL Benefits of Waist Trainers

Let us know what you want to see next! We are now back to posting regularly so any suggestions are welcome :)
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