VRChat RP Aug 25th 2020 Roflgator part 1of2 'Game night and mute adventures'

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I am not the creator of the original live stream. This video is intended
as a backup to prevent loosing content from Twitch.
This archive is kept in admiration to spread and preserve this pure
talent and gold outside of Twitch.
All rights are reserved to the initial creator.

These videos:
- Are saved directly from live streams
- Retain their original source format/quality aside from YouTube
- Are not retouched aside from being split unless specified

Monetization and ads are disabled on this channel but some videos will
occasionally get claimed anyway because of ingame music, covers etc.
When this happens some ads will be shown. I can't do anything about this
unfortunately, it's how YouTube works.

Why archive?
Twitch VODs are deleted automatically after 2 months, sadly.
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