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Vaccine tracker

United States

Cases, + 277,897 = 20,171,916

Up in past 7 days

Hospitalisations, 123,614 (23,133) (7,910)

Deaths, 341,746

CDC trends


Official US hospitalizations

Sequenced 51,000 viruses


US, New variant




Man in his 20s

No recent travel history



Cases, + 53,258 + 57,725 = 2,599,789

Hospitalised, + 2,434 = 23,823 (ventilated, 1,847)

Previous peak, 12 April = 21,683

Injections versus infections

Vaccinated, 616,933

Deaths, + 613 + 445 = 74,507

Deaths, + 3,270 = 82,624

Vaccination, first dose total, 944,539

Professor Andrew Goddard, president, Royal College of Physicians

Hospitals across the UK should prepare for London levels

Case numbers will increase next week

Case numbers were mild compared to where they would be in a week

Doctors were really worried

Almost half of the major hospital trusts in England are dealing with more Covid-19 than at the peak of the first wave

NHS having its busiest winter ever

There's no doubt that Christmas is going to have a big impact,

the new variant is also going to have a big impact,

we know that is more infectious, more transmissible,

so I think the large numbers that we're seeing in the South East, in London, in south Wales, is now going to be reflected over the next month, two months even, over the rest of the country

London's Nightingale emergency hospital is ready to admit patients

Other sites currently not in use are being readied

Dr Ami Jones, an intensive care consultant

When we see the daily figures - we know that will sting us in about 10-12 days

Stop mixing with other households because it is spreading like wildfire - and we haven't got much more space in the hospitals left

UK, Schools

NEU, All schools in England should shut for two weeks after the Christmas break

As well as London

Rise in cases in secondary school age groups

Mass testing?


Hundreds vaccinated

Population, 67 million

Every day, 55 vaccines

Oxford vaccine not in the press

Illegal rave, Brittany, 2,500

Very well organised, food stalls

Also people from UK and Spain

Three police injured

Anyone leaving the event urged to self-isolate for seven days


Two vaccines approved
Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI)

Serum Institute, AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine
Bharat Biotech, Covaxin

Inactivated form of the coronavirus
Phase 1 and 2 complete, phase 3 began in November
No serious side effect
Good antibody response

Mass vaccine distribution drill

Initial 300 million people


Population, 233 million

Polio, conspiracy theories

Chinese, CanSino trials

Adenovirus vector, Ad5

Phase 2 trials published, August 15,


Promising efficacy and safety data

Rolling out in China, before confirmed as safe and effective

One-time injection

Fridge temperatures

Since September, 13,000 of 18,000 volunteers have participated

No serious side effects have been reported

Finish the trials and start distributing by March

Also trialling in Russia, Mexico and Chile.

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