Ultra Instinct Gogeta Vs Granolah In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 73 is looking to set the stage for Super Saiyan Blue Vs Granolah to continue with the possibility of it leading to Vegeta Vs Granolah afterwards however Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 72 establishes that Granolah cannot be reasoned with, as his bias is clouding him from the truth behind whats REALLY going on. If Goku and Vegeta fail then is Granolah Vs Gogeta going to be the key to victory? Can fusion return and be what helps our heroes win in this fight against Granolah? Would Gogeta Vs Granolah be too much too soon for the so-called Strongest in the Universe to handle? Are we going to see Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Granolah? Or Hakais power Vegeta Vs Granolah first? Will we ever see Granolah Vs Frieza? Is it possible to see the Heeters vs Goku? The Heeters Vs Vegeta? What could any of this mean? What could this arc have in store for our heroes? Could DBS Manga Chapter 73 open more doors to endless possibilities down the road? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!

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