Tree Update Episode 24

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Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees:

Welcome to our twenty-fourth tree update, which will probably go down in the history of Ecosia as one of the most unique episodes ever recorded.

Sitting at home during the lockdown, and backed by the thorough reporting system we put in place with our partners, in this tree update I have news for you from our projects in Madagascar, Australia and Brazil. Who would have said that staying at home could bring you so far!

Thank you, Ecosians, for keeping up the spirits and continuing to believe in a better world, despite these difficult times during COVID19.

Thanks for watching another episode of our tree update series:
Produced by Pieter van Midwoud (TW: @treepieter) and Fátima González-Torres (IG: @fatilugonzalevic)
Editing & post-production by Sina Samavati (IG: @sinasamavati)
Writing by Pieter van Midwoud
Cinematography by Pieter van Midwoud & the Ecosia team working from home
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