The Best Day of 2020 - Quests in Valley, Krilling Adventures - Sky: Children of the Light

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- If this stream is in BETA, it will be indicated in the thumbnail and in the title of the stream. If there is no reference to BETA, then it's in LIVE. This stream is in LIVE.

- If you are interested in joining a livestream or making friends with Tara in Sky, please watch this video: (You can also leave a Sky Invite for Tara in a comment on any video on her channel.)

- If you need to know how to create and send a Sky invite, please watch this video:

- Please visit the Sky Wiki for a ton of information about the game:

- How to join the BETA: The BETA is currently full. Follow this link for instructions on how to join future BETA periods:

Join my Discord server here:

My recording/streaming setup:

Stream rules:
1) Do not spam the chat with emojis or with ALL CAPS. Please keep stream chat conversation civil, clear, and in English.

2) Please do NOT argue with moderators. If a moderator corrects you or warns you, heed their request or warning.

3) If Tara does not see your comment or question in the chat, DO NOT continue to spam the chat with the comment or question. The moderators and others in the chat are able to answer most questions. Keep in mind that Tara is playing the game, and only glancing at chat now and then. She will not see every comment, question, or hello.

4) While everyone is free to join me in the game during a livestream, please do not beg for me to join you or beg that room be made for you if you are unable to join. If you were in the livestream and somehow disconnected, do not insist that someone leave to make room for you again. The only person guaranteed to be in the stream from start to finish is the streamer.

5) For those who play in the game with Tara:
a - Please do not make verbal (written) exchange requests (hearts, friend actions) during a livestream, either in game or in stream chat. If you would like to offer a gift (heart, friend action, etc) you are welcome to do so. But do not request that any gift be given to you by anyone in the Livestream.

b- For Eden streams: Eden streams will be indicated in the TITLE of the video. If you are not planning on doing Eden, do NOT join an Eden Livestream at the beginning. Leave the spots open for those who are doing Eden. Wait for the group to finish in Orbit before attempting to join the Livestream.

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