The Avalanches - Wherever You Go (Live In Lockdown With The International Space Orchestra)

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During the global lockdown of 2020, The Avalanches teamed up with a team of intrepid scientists, astronauts and engineers from the SETI Institute and NASA for a musical performance like no other.

The Avalanches, The International Space Orchestra, and CLYPSO perform 'Wherever You Go' (Live In Lockdown).

Stream/download Wherever You Go (feat. Jamie XX, Neneh Cherry, CLYPSO) by The Avalanches here:

Edited by Liam Oz

B-Roll Footage by:
Ryan Pittman - NASA Ames Research Center
Janice Bishop, Lukas Gründler, and Franck Marchis - SETI Institute

The International Space Orchestra:
Aileen Aniciete - Choir
Alan Ni - Viola
Annette Rodrigues - Ukulele
Barbara Jo Navarro - Trumpet
David Roland - Dobro/Ukulele
Elisabeth Giessler - Violin
Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom - Choir
Frank Caradonna - Piano
Greg Schmidt - Ukulele
Joel McKinnon - Bass Guitar
John Bresina - Choir/Rhythm Section
John Cumbers - Choir
Julia Schorn - Harp
Lothar Determann - Tenor Saxophone
Katie Gründler - Flute
Janice Bishop - Clarinet
Lukas Gründler - Trombone
Markus Gründler - Euphonium
Marianne Cooper - Violin/Viola
Marianne Ryan - Choir
Matt Linton - Cello
Melanie Lean - Choir
Andrew Henry - Choir
Michael Gross - Trombone
Miryam Strautkalns - Choir
Matthew Daigle - Guitar
Oliwia Baney - Cello and other instruments
Rei Ueyama - Violin
Sora Ueyama - Bubbles and Toys
Rodney Martin - Percussion/Clarinet
Rusty Hunt - Baritone Saxophone
Tamra Scott-Hunt - Choir
Ryan Pittman - Banjo
Sarah Hobart - Choir
Scott Poll - Violin
Taylor Hobart - Choir/Harp
Ted Garbeff - Violin
Vanessa Kuroda - Piano
Evan Price - ISO Conductor & Musical Director
Nelly Ben Hayoun - Director & Founder of ISO

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