Sykkuno being a COMEDIC GENIUS on GTA RP for 18 minutes | NoPixel 3.0 | Day 8 Best Moments

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Sykkuno being a comedic genius on GTA RP for 18 minutes. NoPixel best moments from day 8.

0:00 Preview
0:39 Sykkuno jumps off a cliff
1:50 Dundee's POV
2:16 Dundee gets revenge on Sykkuno
3:10 How not to get a girls number
3:41 Sykkuno kicks Dundee in the nuts
4:02 Sykkuno's entrance to work
4:27 Cat guy shows a trick
5:12 Sykkuno's terrible shortcut
5:48 Sloth God saves Sykkuno
7:03 Sykkuno scams Ash first meeting
8:45 Ash kills Sykkuno and Layla
10:19 Sykkuno makes Ash feel guilty
11:52 Everyone gives Ash CPR
13:42 Sykkuno gives cop CPR during shootout
14:25 Wrangler falls out of wheelchair
14:46 Yuno you know
15:12 Sykkuno finds bowling pins
15:42 Sykkuno overhears something he shouldn't
16:01 Sykkuno punches Layla
16:35 Cop nuts joke
17:07 Sykkuno tries a tight turn
17:23 "Take the next right"
17:49 Something every GTA player has done
18:00 Outro

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Intro Music: Lullaby by Joakim Karud
Outro Music: Unknown Brain - Inspiration (feat. Aviella) [NCS Release]
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