Story 9 Months Ki - Ep 77 - Full Episode - 17th March, 2021

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Episode 77: Sarang's Viral Video
As Alia was met with an accident, she is been admitted to the hospital. Rabia informs her that babies are all fine but if not taken care of, she will have to face major issues. Alia requests her to not share it with Sarang as of now. Sarang overhears the conversation but somehow Alia handles it by covering the real matter. what will happen next, watch the full episode now.

About Story 9 Months Ki :
A self-made and strong-willed woman, Alia Shroff has been through the ripples of a troubled marriage. Confident that she can walk the path by herself, Alia doesn’t believe she needs a partner to have a baby. The successful entrepreneur is on a mission to find a fitting donor for the IVF procedure. But what will happen when her fate collides with Sarangdhar, a dreamy writer, who leaves his hometown and comes to the city to accomplish his dreams?
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