Stimulus Update NEW AGREEMENT 8 29 2020 Unemployment Extension PUA FPUC

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Stimulus update, Second stimulus check, stimulus package for 8 29 2020 August 29 2020 Unemployment Extension PUA and FPUC. Saturday. Hope you are doing great. White House puts out a new agreement.

Here’s your daily stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action, and stimulus package update for Saturday, August 29th, 2020.

Find out how we could be close to signing the next stimulus package, what could this mean for receiving your stimulus check, and how guidance on Trump’s payroll tax deferral is scheduled to begin next week.

As you know, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows resumed the talk of the Phase 4 disaster relief bill Thursday that resulted in another stalemate.

However, White House Chief of Staff told reports yesterday that, “The president right now is willing to sign something at $ trillion.”

This is significantly lower than Pelosi’s $ trillion deal and $300 to $400 billion increase from Senate Republican’s HEALS Act.

It’s obvious both sides want to sign off on this 2nd Stimulus deal. These negotiations are important to get closer for people to get their stimulus checks out.

The pressure is on for Congress to sign over on this 2nd stimulus check as we continue to wait for both sides to reach an agreement and $1200 stimulus check may not be enough by the time they reach the American people as time goes on.

The longer they wait for them to sign off the budget is only going to increase as schools get ready to open in the fall and hurricane season is here.

Think about how long it took for some people to reach their stimulus checks when the first stimulus deal was signed off and that's because some people never received their checks.

Adding further strains over the possibilities of another round of pandemic relief bill in a near-future, Pelosi had been quoted saying to the reporters late on Thursday that the Democrats would not go lower than $ trillion adding that the total would enable both sides to “meet in the middle”.

Finally, the Trump’s payroll tax deferral went into effect Friday with the Treasury Department providing guidance on how it would work.

“The initiative postpones some payroll taxes that would normally be due between September 1 and December 31 and makes them due between January 1 and April 31, 2021.”

“Employees would still be responsible for the taxes, just not immediately—that means employers who stop withholding payroll taxes now, would be able to withhold twice as much early next year.”

Employers fear that if they keep withholding taxes without a guarantee the deferred payment will be forgiven.

This executive action was discussed after negotiations in Congress over the new stimulus package in early August.

This order was initially a way to boost the economy as more money will be placed in the worker's pockets.

Neil Bradley, policy chief for the Chamber of Commerce, said Friday night the Treasury guidance leaves many practical questions unanswered.
“However, it makes clear that employees will be required to pay more taxes beginning in January to offset any benefit they receive now,” Bradley said. “The only way to achieve a workable proposal is for Congress and the administration to come together and enact a change in the law.”

That is your pua unemployment and stimulus update.




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