Stimulus Check Update 6-8-20: Second Stimulus Package $1 Trillion President Trump McConnell Senate

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Here’s your daily stimulus check and stimulus package update for Monday, June 8th, 2020.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell met with White House officials today and offered some information about the price tag and the date of another stimulus package.

As I’ve explained before, McConnell reiterated that $1 trillion price tag on another stimulus package.

With the Senate due to recess AGAIN for 2 weeks from July 3rd - 17th, will we get another stimulus package before this 2 week break?

Unfortunately, McConnell does not believe that will happen and another stimulus package will have to wait until July 20th at the earliest.

If this is true, Congress will have to rush to get something passed before the enhanced unemployment benefits in the CARES Act run out on July 31st.

I just have to say, to the Senators that I KNOW are watching the channel, please get something done soon.

How do you expect us to get back to work if you have 2 weeks off in July, followed by another 4 weeks off from August 10 - September 7?

People out there need their stimulus funds and waiting a month and a half is only going to make things worse.

Speaking of getting back to work, many people believe that May’s positive job report could be delaying another stimulus package.

With the Senate in no rush to pass another disaster relief bill, these positive employment numbers have many people believing that the economy is getting back in shape and no further stimulus checks will be necessary.

While President Trump has stated his interest in another stimulus package, it may not be what we’ve all been expecting this whole time.

Trump has stated his preferred stimulus items, including: payroll tax cuts, return-to-work cash bonuses, potential extension of some unemployment benefits, tax deductions, and liability protection for businesses.

Hopefully we can see both a continued rise in employment numbers and another stimulus package soon to keep America going strong.

A new report from the House Ways and Means Committee shows that the 160 million number might have been off by 30-35 million people.

New data shows that a few large groups of people have been excluded from stimulus checks.

These include: 13-18 million people that filed tax returns and make less than the income threshold.

million people that do not file tax returns and receive Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits.

million people that do not file tax benefits and do not receive federal funds.

And millions more that do not file taxes and receive Supplemental Security Income or Veterans Administration benefits.

This is outrageous that 35 million Americans have still not received their stimulus checks!

Like I’ve said before, if you haven’t received your stimulus check, go to the IRS Get My Payment Portal (), or call the IRS hotline at 800-919-9835.

Thanks so much for watching! Are you still waiting on your stimulus check? Let me know in the comments below!

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