Spain's death toll surpasses 10,000 +++ Russia extends lockdown | Coronavirus Update

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Another grim chapter in Spain's coronavirus crisis. Over 10,000 people have now died from complications linked to COVID-19. That's after a record 950 people passed away in the last 24 hours. Spain is now second only to Italy in the number of virus fatalities. The pandemic is also hitting the country's economy hard. Nearly a million people have lost their jobs since mid-march. Meanwhile, the country's healthcare workers are overwhelmed, and lacking critical protective gear.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended the country's coronavirus lockdown until April 30. All citizens with the exception of 'essential workers' are to stay at home -- with all salaries to be paid throughout this period. In a televised address, Putin stressed the seriousness of the threat facing the country -- and that the peak of the virus still lay ahead.

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