Riku vs Young Xehanort [KH3 MOD - Fight Showcase]

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I hate raiku

This fight was supposed to be EASY but took over 30 TRIES TO DO LIKE WHAT WHY IS HE SO BAD

I pray that one day he will become good either through modding or just by Tetsuya Nomura saying "lets make him a real master" not this bullshit they pulled in kh3

I was really close to doing a few no damage runs as well (as ive done this fight no damage as sora) but bruh this was hard lol

I also will be posting epic shit on my discord when trying to get stuff working so if you want a sneek peek, peep the discord ????

I also used Luseu's debug menu to change characters quickly, so check him out
(a literal god):

i hate riku
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