Reina and Toni go to Outer Space

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Greetings fellow earthlings! In case you haven't heard, on September 26th our trusty Ford Transit (the SS Van Morrison) will boldly go where no van has gone before. We're taking a trip to Outpost HD28V, a distant planet in the Alpha Centauri system, equipped with two guitars and a realtime communications array. We'll be livestreaming a concert from those faraway lands, playing tunes about space while in space, enjoying a cosmic cocktail or two, and just all around having a stellar time. :D

The concert will be at 2pm Pacific US time followed by a Q&A with you guys (since I don't think there are any inhabitants of HD28V yet). We hope you'll tune in on the 26th, but if you can't make it at that exact earth time, you can watch the archived stream anytime into infinity and beyond with the purchase of a ticket. Stock up on your favorite snacks, leave your space-themed requests in the comments, and grab a ticket here:

See you out there!


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