On holidays [Let's clean the sewing machine] Flat sewing machine (straight line sewing machine)

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Let's clean the sewing machine, a friend who worked hard together, once in a while!
Please for reference

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◀ ️ use

Cotton swab
Air blower

If there is
Air blower

ELECOM non-Freon specification dust blower ECO ADECOM 1

Parts cleaner

AZ Parties Cleanable 840ml


Hello, my name is Sewing Murappy. I love sewing and sewing machines.

???? Past career,
Graduated from Tokyo Bunka Fashion College → Moved to Okayama and worked at a garment factory for about a year and a half → Independent at the age of 25

Since I don't have money, I buy sewing machines and materials from second-hand goods and gradually arrange them, and I mainly eat samples (making samples) and repairing clothes at about twice the factory salary.

Married child I have no money and I am still immature, and I would like to send out various things from the perspective of my original intention.
The future of sewing is bright! !!

At first glance, it tends to be very delicate and difficult to smoke, but
Even I, who is a rough and typical O type, can sew!
As long as you make full use of the viewpoints you should pay attention to and the tips on how to use the equipment

Even you who are said to be clumsy
A fulfilling sewing life will be delayed!


???? Instagram Instagram himself

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???? Instagram: Store

Products for sale

???? One-of-a-kind fashion art Murapee
It's mainly a remake of one point in the mood.

Other related explanations
I would like to spread the high technology of Japanese sewing (JAPAN sewing) to the world because it is a difficult time with a domestic production rate of
This channel is mainly for clothes repair, sewing beginners, and dressmaker lovers.
Know-how of professional sewing factories and clothing repair shops How-to (how-to) We are disseminating Japanese sewing technology.
This time it seems easy for beginners to understand
The content is so simple that you can get started in earnest!
The difficulty level is low, and even those who are inexperienced in using the sewing machine will find it relatively easy and easy to take on the challenge!
I hope that beginners of dressmaking and sewing will enjoy sewing Times and like it by watching the video!

Quite elaborate information and technology,
We have posted a paid sewing video on YouTube that is easy for beginners to understand and that even professionals want to know!
I want to liven up the sewing! !!
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