NUKE in Every Call of Duty in 2020 Challenge!

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Leave a "LIKE" if you have EVER played Call of Duty before! We hope you enjoyed these nostalgic blasts from the past as we complete the Nuke in Every Call of Duty in 2020 Challenge! Enjoy.

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????KARNAGE Members in this Call of Duty Challenge Video:
KRNG Fortunate (MW2):
KRNG Fortunate (MW3):
KRNG Reborn (Ghosts):
KRNG ProReborn (AW):
KRNG Ghosts (IW):
KRNG Tasty (WW2):
KRNG Ryh (MW):
KRNG Ray (COD Mobile):

In this video we go through EVERY single Call of Duty game that has a callable nuke killstreak and achieve it! Each nuke is achieved by a different personality on the team so you experience each game with a different member of the team. This includes Modern Warfare 2's NUKE (MW2), Modern Warfare 3's MOAB (MW3), COD Ghost's KEM Strike, Infinite Warfare's De-atomizer Strike (IW), Advanced Warfare's DNA Bomb (AW), COD WW2's V2 Rocket, Modern Warfare's Tactical Nuke and COD Mobile's Tactical Nuke! We hope you enjoy this nostalgic blast from the past as much as we did putting this video together!

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NUKE in Every Call of Duty in 2020 Challenge!

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