MY REACTION to THOMAS MARKLE 60 MINUTES Interview (Warning: you probably won't like it.)

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Today on River, we take a first peek at the Thomas Markle interview which is released today. He discusses his strained relationship with Meghan and Harry, his hopes and fears regarding their future, and his opinion on how Oprah and Hollywood are exploiting them for cash and ratings.

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???? SUGARS are folk who adore the Harkles (Meghan & Harry) and go along with their entitled victimhood narrative. They tend to believe that the Cambridges and other Royals are cruel and uncaring. They are often 'woke'.

????SALTS are those who loathe Meghan to the point of absurdity, prone to believing every wild conspiracy theory regarding her pregnancies and background and identity of her children, no matter how inaccurate or unverified the reportage. If somebody spouts a rumour, they consider it to be fact. They think of Me-Gain as a slug that needs to be salted.

????POPCORNS are a mixture of salt and sugar depending on the topic, we don't fall for conspiracy theories but keep an open mind and certainly lean towards the salty side with very little in common with Sugars. We don't have a hatred for anybody including the Harkles, but we believe they have betrayed the Monarchy, the Sovereign, insulted the Royal Family, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and beyond. We want to use our voices to support the Royals because many are too intimidated by the woke crowd to say what they really think and feel. I am a Popcorn. Most of my audience are Salts or somewhere on the Popcorn spectrum. Sugars, Salts and Popcorns are all welcome in the spicy mix here at The River Show! I believe we can and should all differ in our opinions, but with an atmosphere of mutual respect.

WOKE :The meaning of the word 'woke' has evolved from something positive a few decades ago where folk were 'awakened' to the deeper levels by which we live our lives, and the genuine social injustices that were going on around the world. In recent years, 'woke' has become used to describe those who weaponise issues around social justice, race relations and politics in order to silence the reasonable opinions of anybody that doesn't share their opinions and views. They often indulge in 'virtue signalling' - making a show of their grand virtues in the style of the 'humblebrag'. (The Harkles are building their career doing this!) The woke crowd will often relentlessly pursue any person or company or politician that doesn't agree with their 'values' until the offending party are 'cancelled'; shamed and banned from public life, social media and sacked from jobs.

SUNSHINE BALLSACKS: Sunshine Sachs are the PR Firm hired by the Sussexes.

DISCLAIMER: The River Show is presented as lighthearted entertainment with genuine opinion pieces blended with a dash of comedy, parody and a sprinkling of theatre. Commentary is offered in the style of conjecture and gossip, with the viewer encouraged to take all views and opinions expressed with a pinch of salt and use their own discretion. I'm not a royal expert, and am not here to educate you. I'm here to shoot the breeze with you, have a giggle and sip the tea. I hope you enjoy the show!

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