Monday 4th May Update

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COVID – 19, Monday 4th May

3, 524, 429 247, 838

Oxford conference to organise resources

Not US, India, China

$ - 8 billion

Globally available and affordable

18 months for scaled up vaccine

Testing and therapeutics

160 UK hospitals trailing therapeutics

US, vaccine by the end of the year

Viral origins

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, ‘enormous evidence’ that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Emerging viruses group in Wuhan Institute of virology

MI 6, China, first wave, x4, about 250,000

Australian source, ‘Despite evidence of human to human transmission from early December, Chinese authorities deny it until January 20.’

Time line

December 31st in 2019
27 cases of atypical viral pneumonia in Wuhan

January 3rd
44 cases
Traced to South China Seafood City

January 8th
Coronavirus identified on Chinese state media

January 11th
61 year old man dies, severe underlying health issues
Risk of human to human transmission low

January 17th
US starts screening flights from Wuhan

January 20th
Beijing, Shenzhen, Thailand, Japan
Person to person transmission

January 22nd
Wuhan travel lockdown
Deaths 17

January 24th
China transport links shut down in 13 cities
Threat to the UK is "low".

January 30th
WHO, global health emergency.

January 31st
US, public health emergency

February 6th
Dr Li Wenliang
February 19
Passengers leave Diamond Princess

February 22nd
Italy deaths

February 24th
February 29th
Republic of Ireland, first case

March 5th
UK death

March 11th
WHO pandemic
The Covid-19 outbreak is declared a pandemic by the WHO.

March 14th
US travel ban extended to the UK and Ireland

March 20th
Pubs closed

March 23rd
UK lockdown

Link for Elaine the runner,

Chinese data wrong
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