MobBob Update - He can hear!

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I've added voice recognition to MobBob. He can now make use of Android's provided voice recognition functionality to listen to what you say. :D

I use MobBob's face recognition ability as the trigger for starting to listen. So, look at MobBob to start speaking to him.

Once you have started a conversation with him, he will continue the conversation with you until you stop speaking. If the conversation stops, look at him to start conversing again.

So, MobBob can now walk, talk, see and hear! For a small, low cost robot, I'm really happy with what he's able to do! :D

I have a few more features that are almost ready! So, I'll post another update soon. :D

I'll be writing up more details about MobBob on my website:

You can download the latest version of the Android app from Google Play (it is free, ad-free, and without IAP):

The 3D printable files for MobBob are on Thingiverse:
The original MobBob: :715688
The easier to print and assemble MobBob V2: :990950
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