MAJOR STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE! $2,000 Stimulus Checks GETTING APPROVED! +$2,000 Per month!? +$300/wk

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Major Stimulus Check Update! $2,000 Stimulus check update!

Mitch McConnell looks to be out as Senate Majority Leader, which opens things up for the $2,000 stimulus bill being discussed in Congress.
Will the CashAct Bill be passed? and when?

Biden wants $2,000 Stimulus checks. Every Stimulus check update makes that pretty clear now.

President Trumps signs the relief bill sending $600 checks to all qualifying individuals. All unemployment extensions and unemployment benefit boosts are all approved! FPUC is ready to roll. PPP money is back on the table for businesses. $2,000 Stimulus checks are still on the table. Many states are now starting to pay the $300 unemployment benefit boost starting this week.

$600 Stimulus Checks were sent out! Did you receive yours yet?

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