Jia discovers Dana's involvement with RJ&E's downfall | Love Thy Woman Recap (With Eng Subs)

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Love Thy Woman: Week 17 Recap - Part 1
Love Thy Woman: August 24, 25 & 26, 2020 Episodes

In light of the controversy surrounding Adam's (Christopher de Leon) will, Lucy (Eula Valdez) encounters a hitch in her deal with the Chuas. Fed up with her problems, Dana (Yam Concepcion) snaps and unleashes her anger towards Jia (Kim Chiu). But despite their hostile relationship, Jia comes to her half-sister with a tempting offer. At the same time, Jia follows her suspicions as she continues to seek justice for Adam's death.

Jia burns with rage when she uncovers that Dana set up RJ&E Designs' downfall. This pushes the young Estrella to withdraw from her agreement with her half-sister and take back what is rightfully hers. Meanwhile, Simon (Dominic Ochoa) receives a new piece of evidence disproving Amanda's (Ruffa Gutierrez) claim that she attended Dragon Empire's party. Later, Amanda tries to save herself from the the authorities' interrogation despite being shaken by their visit.

Simon and Yalung (Bernard Carritero) leave the Del Mundo residence empty-handed after serving a search warrant. Scared that the authorities will soon discover their secret, Gab (Karl Gabriel) becomes eager to cut and run despite Amanda's bidding to seize his inheritance first. Meanwhile, Dana tries to silence Jia as she scrambles to clean up her own mess. Jia, on the other hand, grows determined to make her sister pay for what she did to RJ&E. (With English Subtitles)

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Recap Cast:
Christopher de Leon (Adam Wong) / Eula Valdez (Lucy Wong) / Sunshine Cruz (Kai Estrella) / Yam Concepcion (Dana Wong) / Xian Lim (David Chao) / Kim Chiu (Jia Estrella) / Zsa Zsa Padilla (Helen Chao) / Ruffa Gutierrez (Amanda Del Mundo) / Karl Gabriel (Gab Del Mundo) / JJ Quilantang (Michael Wong-Chao) / Dominic Ochoa (Simon Cruz) / Bernard Carritero (Macario Yalung)

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