Important Update for All Creators: Complying with COPPA

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If you create content for YouTube, this video is very important to watch as it describes changes to the upload process, all of your existing videos and potentially your monetization. We'll go through important new requirements for all videos that you should take action on as soon as possible. We'll provide some background on what’s happening, walk you through a new audience setting in YouTube Studio and how to use it, and then answer some questions you might have about this update. Here's what we'll cover:

0:37 Background on what's happening:
0:57 What's launching
1:30 How to set your audience
2:44 Answering questions about this update
2:49 What is considered "Made for Kids" content?
3:57 How old is a "kid"?
4:22 If you set your content as "Made for Kids", what does this mean for your channel?
4:48 What other features will no longer be available if I set my content as "Made for Kids"?
5:26 What happens if YouTube's systems say my video is "Made for Kids", but I disagree?
5:56 What happens if I mark my video's audience incorrectly?

Check out these Help articles for more information:
Set your audience:
Determining if your content is "Made for Kids":

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