I played every single Call of Duty in one video...

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Hey guys! In this video I went and played every single Call of I played 17 Games in this video, and each game with a different guest. I grew up playing these games, so this was a nostalgia journey. This video is pretty much a tribute to the Call of Duty Series, from 2003 to 2020. Modern Warfare comes out in a month, would you guys want to see video on that? And what do you want to see from me aside from COD. I hope you guys all have a great day!

► Video Recap:
2:31 (COD 1)
4:39 (COD 2)
6:02 (COD 3)
7:58 (COD4) Puffer -
9:40 (WaW) Cheezy -
11:54 (MW2) Chaos -
13:30 (BO1) Exzd -
15:30 (MW3) Tranium -
17:56 (Black Ops 2) Crispy -
20:24 (Ghosts) Codstra
22:13 (Advanced Warfare) Hyper -
24:18 (Black Ops 3) Wr3tched -
26:30 (Infinite Warfare) Sam -
30:16 (WW2) LEGIQN -
33:07 (Black Ops 4) Soup
35:07 (Modern Warfare)

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Epidemic Sound -
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