How to Find Legendary Animals - The Wild West UPDATE (Roblox)

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In this The Wild West video, I will show you the new Legendary Animals in The Wild West on Roblox. Legendary Animals were added in the new 100M visits update to The Wild West. Legendary Animals are 150% larger than normal animals, a bit darker in color, has much more health, do more damage than normal animals, and are rare. They drop the Legendary version of the pelt/hide, and some other drops like legendary bear claws. Legendary animals have a rare chance of spawning. When in a new server, the Legendary Animal has a small chance of spawning but over time the chance of the legendary animal will increase. One hour in-game will increase the chance of a legendary animal spawning by around 12%, which isn't that rare. If one of the legendary animals spawn this chance is reset. Some of the legendary animal's rare drops are Legendary Bison Pelt, Legendary Bear Pelt, Legendary Bear Claw, etc. There are may types of legendary animals. Legendary Grizzely Bears, Legendary Bison, etc.

New Black Market ITEMS - Arrows, Darts, Bullets - The Wild West UPDATE (Roblox)

In this The Wild West video, I will be covering some new items in the 100M visits update I will show you how to get to the Black Market with the Black Market Key and the items in the Black Market. The new items added were Explosive Arrows, Poison Arrows, Blow Darts, Blow Dart Gun, and Shotgun .45-70 gov (Sniper Rounds). All of these items and much more were added to The Wild West in the most recent update.

How to Get in The Black Market Explanation - The Wild West UPDATE

How to get the Black Market Key in The Wild West update for 100M visits. First, you need to go to Howling Peak and go to the Auction House in Howling Peak. Then go to the Auction House guy to see the active auctions, you can buy the black market key there. However, the Black Market Keys are very overpriced right now so wait a few days to buy it. After you bought the black market key go to Puerto Dorado and go to the basement under the general store in Puerto Dorado and you will find the black market. Use the black market key to unlock the black market and it will probably be like the hunting cabin key, which unlocks it forever. At the Black Market, you can buy many new different special ammo types. Explosive Arrow, Poison Arrow, Sniper Shotgun Rounds, and Blow Darts. Check out my other videos on the new update.

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What is The Wild West? The Wild West is a very fun open-world game on Roblox. The Wild West has some similar aspects to Red Dead Redemption 2.
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