GTA 5 Facts and Glitches You Don't Know #30 (From Speedrunners)

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Warping through any door, hidden options, lazy Rockstar dialogue, Camera change glitch, poor doggo scripting and much more!

0:00 Intro
0:25 Warping through immovable doors
1:39 Burning bodies different wanted level
2:01 Hidden options
2:45 Weird grass circle
2:57 Mr Raspberry Jam invunerability
4:18 Threatening back at Michael
4:50 "They ain't made this car yet"
5:35 Golf glitch
6:27 Softlocking with mirror on complications
7:42 TV Despawning family
8:24 Lazy Rockstar Dialogue
8:55 Clipping out of bounds with camera changes
9:38 Horn issues
10:02 Hospital respawn oddities
11:17 Hole to nowhere.
11:48 Chop's meat
12:17 Car exploit
12:45 Glitching Los Santos Customs
14:00 Breaking lights with your face
14:22 Levitating bush
14:40 Outro OOB

GTA 5 Facts and Glitches attempts to give you a taste of what I have learned about Grand Theft Auto V in the over 7500 hours that I have been Speedrunning and doing challenge runs of the game. The best of all categories is showcased here, pacifist%, No Hit Runs, any%, 100%, Classic%, Trevor% and Any% NMS, and you are bound to see many things you don’t know. While many episodes of my series contain highlights from my speedrun world record attempts and challenge runs, in this series I often to go great lengths to recreate events from my runs for your viewing pleasure.

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