Global Update Monday 27th April

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Paediatric inflammatory syndrome

Animation video link

European heating and ventilation

Virus in the body

HK data

Irish dashboard

Our world in data


COVID – 19, Monday 27th April

2,981,592 206, 083

Putting on a mask is an easy task
One thing I ask, put on a mask

47,147 cases
2, 663 deaths
Vaccine ready for animal testing (WHO vaccine network)

Cases 965,933
Cases doubled in last 12 days
Deaths 54,877
The Georgia experiment

Maryland 800 deaths
Massachusetts surge, 54,000 cases
LA County leading cause of death
People of Colour more effected
NY soon using pharmacies to test

197,675 cases
26,644 deaths
Lock down for 7 weeks
Parks reopening
Take away food next week

May 18th museums reopening
Schools remain closed till September
Social distancing remains

Cases 162, 220
Cased doubled in last 18 days
Deaths 22, 890
Starting to ease lockdown

Cases 154,037
Cases doubled in last 15 days
Deaths 20,795
Now at point of maximum risk

Paediatric inflammatory syndrome

“There is a growing concern that a [covid-19] related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK, or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infectious pathogen associated with these cases.”
“Abdominal pain and gastrointestinal symptoms have been a common feature as has cardiac inflammation. This has been observed in children with confirmed PCR positive SARS-CoV-2 infection as well as children who are PCR negative.

Serological evidence of possible preceding SARS-CoV-2 infection has also been observed.”

Cases 1, 469
19 deaths
week intense lockdown
Border control
2 weeks quarantine for arrivals
Surveillance, contact tracing, testing

No community transmission
Zero tolerance for virus
Virus eliminated

Victoria testing any upper respiratory infection
1 new case overnight in Victoria
NSW maintaining restrictions

Cases 29,061
Deaths 1,610
Garden centres reopening
Schools open May 11th
Very gradual lifting
Borders remain closed
Strict social distancing measures
Bars and restaurants remain closed

Test track isolate
Quarantine arrivals

1,423 deaths
31,933 cases
Yellow fever 60,000 deaths per year
Malaria session
HIV, truck route spread
Gift of time
Less denial
Movement across borders limited to cargo
Uganda, testing all truck drivers arriving in country

TB testing repurposed
Breath test (Kenya)
West has commandeered much of the worlds testing

South Africa
Cases 4,546
Cases doubled in last 11 days
Deaths 87
1 month into lockdown
Early successes
People wear masks
Most stay at home
Peak in August or September
Boots on the ground
Tens of thousands of community workers screening millions of people
Primed for HIV tracing
Targeted to higher risk areas

Final year high school returning
Hubei not going back for 9 days
Beijing still compartmentalised

Jennifer from Australia

The rules must be observed to flatten the curve
Be persistent While keeping distance
When we’re waiting to react, the virus will attack
More investing in antigen testing
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