Girl Killed By Leopard At Birthday Party

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In Jammu Kashmir’s Ompura area of the Budgam District, a very heartbreaking incident occurred. On 3rd June, Five-year-old Mir Adda chose a ''Barbie dress'', wore a crown and was excitedly calling for the family to cut her brother's birthday cake. The birthday party was being held in the garden. She even told her to finish drinking his tea quickly, so they could cut the cake. A few minutes later, family members were shocked to hear Adda's heart-wrenching shrieks. Family members and neighbours rushed to find her but they only found some blood stains and a doll that she was carrying with her. A leopard had dragged her away and killed her.

The next day Adda's body parts were recovered from an adjacent forest. A neighbour said that, “Ompura area has a 20 acre nursery adjacent to it which is maintained by the Social Forestry Department. The purpose of the nursery was to grow saplings which could be later planted in the forest area. But they have not maintained the nursery and it has virtually turned into a forest. Wild Animals roamed freely in the forest and came into the area as well but officials have done nothing about it.

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