Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Vivo X60 Pro Plus vs OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Test Comparison

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Instead of doing a Vivo X60 Pro Plus Camera review on its own I decided to test out the Vivo X60 Pro Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera and also at the same time test the Vivo X60 Pro Plus vs OnePlus 9 Pro Camera at the same time in this super detailed Triple camera test comparison. Check out the chapter markers if you want to skip to a specific spot. If you want to see a Vivo X60 Pro Plus review let me know and for more Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera reviews after software updates subscribe to the channel and OnePlus 9 Pro camera after updates dedicated video is coming up next. Is the Vivo X60 Pro plus vs S21 Ultra a fair comparison?

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Chapters for easy reference:

0:00 Intro Front Facing Video Test
0:36 Daytime Color Explanation
1:14 Daytime Photos
3:22 Zoom Comparison
4:15 High Resolution Pictures
5:39 Portrait Mode (Day)
8:05 Macro Mode
8:51 Selfies (day)
9:19 Video
10:23 Low Light Photos
12:53 Tripod Night Mode
14:13 Night time zoom
14:46 Night Time Portrait
15:54 Selfies (Night)
16:58 Night Time Video
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