Galaxy S21 Ultra Failed Me in Vegas! Serious Battery Problems & OneUI!

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Failed Me in Las Vegas, and has serious problems that Samsung needs to get sorted out with OneUI. (S21 Ultra $999 - Affiliate Link)

The S21 Ultra is the best android smartphone out right now in 2021. The Galaxy S series devices are the Samsung flagship phones. They have everything! 120hz display, 5G, QHD+ display, 5,000mAh battery, and beautiful cameras. However, it seems like Samsung is killing the phones performance with software updates. The S21 Ultra Battery life is terrible, and the S21 Ultra Camera experience is going downhill and has shutter lag. It seems like every time the release a software update or try to patch something, it adds more problems to the phone which is already selling at $999 pretty much everywhere. The S21 Ultra hardware may be the flagship phone to beat right now, but Samsung is quickly killing the experience.

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