Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect - Vs Hex Mod (FULL WEEK UPDATE) [HARD]

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What an absolutely incredible mod by a fellow Polish person, @YingYang48! I loved it soooo much, so much care put into it and it really shows! The cutscenes and story were such a joy to go through, I just want to forget about them just to experience them again! And, of course, the incredible music and style of the entire mod, I honestly can't express how much I've enjoyed myself playing it, please go check it out yourself! You won't regret it, trust me!
Link to mod:

0:00 Dunk [Cutscene]
0:56 Dunk
3:47 Ram [Cutscene]
4:11 Ram
6:25 Hello World [Cutscene]
6:55 Hello World
9:11 Glitcher [Cutscene]
10:29 Glitcher
13:24 Encore

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