FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' |Boyfriend's Mom| Mod Showcase

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BF's mom
Also Miku's and GenderSwap BF's/Kaity's mom-
(!!Nothing of this is canon, just to be clear!!)
The blue family ^^

The idea of the Mother is for her to be an angel, she doesn't look like an angel at all but it's because she's in her human form.
Her angel form is the max level for her. (or that's what I had in mind xd)
I would do a But sadly, I don't know how to do cutscenes or something like it :c
If someone could send me a video/tutorial/advice, anything i'd be great!

Here are the mods
Boyfriend's mom

GenderSwap BF over GF

GenderSwap GF over BF

If you want to send fanarts or things related to this mod, here's my twitter account!

My mods are just skin mods, I don't change sounds or music.

Hope you liked it!

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #FNFmods
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