Friday 1st May, Global Update

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COVID – 19, Friday 1st May

US president, has seen evidence that coronavirus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Office of the director of national intelligence, the Intelligence Community also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the Covid-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified

Investigation of origins of coronavirus
WHO not invited by China

Virus arrival time
Italy, Feb 25th
Portugal, March 20th
Hungary, March 21st

Deaths + 674 = 26, 840
Oxford vaccine trial, now using several UK centres
Astra Zeneca
Google reports more moving around last weekend

Cases: 1,069,866
Deaths: 63,014

New York cases: 304,372
New York deaths: 23,587

To lift state-wide shelter-in-place order for most residents starting tomorrow
Brian Kemp, order remained for elderly medically fragile
Urged residents to still stay at home as much as possible

I went to Petco this morning, not one employee or customer had a mask on. Nor were there any efforts to maintain social distancing.

Doesn't track your location or use any kind of geolocation
Uses Bluetooth to "ping" the phones of people around you who have the app installed
Stores that info with encryption for a rolling period of 21 days to allow for the incubation time of the virus
After the 21 days the data is erased
Personal info is encrypted on the phone and a unique ID is generated and tied to that user
If someone develops symptoms or tests positive, contacts are known
Contacts informed and advise them to self-isolation for 14 days. Here's a link to more information.

Friday + 1,639
Thursday + 1,478
Wednesday 29th + 1,600
Tuesday 28th + 1,200
Monday 27th + 988 Lockdown eased on 27th
Sunday 26th + 1,300

Cases, + 932 = 17,101

Most among migrant workers, living in dormitory complexes

Just 5 new cases in Singapore nationals
Deaths, 15

South Africa
Lockdown 10 days after the first case
Early lockdown worked
Infections will now increase
Starting to ease lockdown
Townships sharing toilets
Weakened by corruption

Locked down for 6 weeks
Stringent controls
Checkpoints around the country
Spread greatly slowed
New Delhi, red zones identified
Lockdown ending soon

Repairing bicycles
Temporary bike parking spaces
Reduce overcrowding in metros and buses
Employers to cover up to 400 euros of travel costs of staff who cycle to work
Cycling can contribute to preventing a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic
Planning to create new bike lanes by taking space away from car lanes

Record daily rise again
Friday + 7, 933 = 114,431
Thursday + 7,099
Deaths + 101 + 93 = 1,69
Deaths doubles in last 8 days
Not yet a peak
People restricted to homes
Lockdown to May 11th

Deaths + 345
Hospitals overwhelmed
Long way to the peak
Limited testing
Sao Paulo, digging 13,000 graves
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