[FNF Mod - Sound is Key] Tutorial: Crystal(Story in Description)

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Heya peeps! I'm finally working up with a full-custom FNF project, I managed to do the Tutorial so far, but, the audio might sound a bit off, so I'm sorry about that(game lag, F).

The story's about BitBot, a robot that has woken up into the darkness of dimensions, and the only way for them to escape, is by reproducing sounds to the Bitz, so they can break the Crystal Door through the light dimension.
their power are running out. Can they manage to escape the dark in time?

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Little FAQ:

Where can I get this mod?
- Not available yet, buddy.

What music are you using?
- Zero Escape, only.

That's hard! Isn't there easy mode?
- NEVER! No easy escaping here.
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