Doom Eternal | 100% Ultra-Nightmare 2:09:44.62

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This will be likely the last run I'll post. I can't see myself doing better than this without amazing luck and incorporating macros into my gameplay but after my last run, my ultimate goal was going to be a sub 2:10 and, here it is.

Thank you all for the amazing support, from the people in the Doom speedrunning discord who helped me with techs I just couldn't understand and everyone who watched my previous videos. If it weren't for you all, I would have stopped running this game months ago.

Hell on Earth: 0:30
Exultia: 7:54
Cultist Base: 20:57
Doom Hunter Base: 37:27
Super Gore Nest: 47:24
Arc Complex: 59:41
Mars Core: 1:14:14
Sentinel Prime: 1:24:15
Taras Nabad: 1:28:15
Nekravol: 1:42:53
Nekravol II: 1:49:40
Urdak: 1:55:53
Final Sin: 2:05:39

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