Do You Know How Much Classical Music Is Edited?

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When we think of editing in music, we might think of quantizing lining up rhythm in an R&B song or autotune fixing the vocals of a pop singer. Many people don’t realize that editing exists in classical recordings as well. This episode of Sound Field explores the current debate in classical music of how much recordings should be edited.

Nahre Sol interviews a panel of classical musicians about their take on editing. Jon Nakamatsu, Joyce Yang, Tanya Gabrielian, and Corin Lee share their opinions on how much editing is okay and when it goes too far. At the end of the episode Arthur Buckner and Nahre face off in a quiz to see who can tell which instruments are virtual and which are real.

Why Is Für Elise So Famous?

00:00 - Editing in Krystian Zimerman Ballade No 1 in G minor, Op 23
01:22 - Why Do Musicians Edit?
02:23 - Recording and Editing History
04:33 - Classical Musician Panel on When Editing Goes Too Far
06:27 - How Classical Editing Differs From Pop Music
08:24 - How Editing Affects Music Listeners
09:04 - How Editing Affects Music Students
10:09 - How Editing Affects Musicians
11:11 - Editing in Classical Music Today and in the Future
12:13 - Real Vs. Virtual Instrument Quiz
15:25 - The Pros and Cons of Editing in Classical Musiic

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