CODasdf 2 = asdfmovie + Call of Duty

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Hey guys it's the return of CODasdf!!! A combination of the asdfmovie genius of Tomska and Call of Duty epicosity! I hope you all enjoy. ;)

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I really hope you enjoyed this and got a laugh out of it. Remember, I am not trying to steal anyone's content. Merely trying to recreate it in a way that will make you laugh and love asdfmovies all the more!

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My Steam name = JarraxQ

All credit for original asdfmovies goes to Tomska:

Inspired by Nosaj's music videos:

Special thanks to:
Leon -
Eman -
Luke -
Duelist -
Muffinman55 -
and also Vince

If you read this, guess how many hours this took me to

Have a FANTABULOUS day! :D
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