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00:00 - 4:05 Introduction to the speaker

4:05 - 4:41 Overview of the session
4:42 - 16:59 Discussion on the CFA Institute, it’s history and everything about the CFA Programme

17:00 – 26:16 Will an oversupply of CFA Charter holders reduce the value of the CFA Charter?

26:16 – 31:55 Discussion on Futuristic CFA exams(introduction to coding or other spreadsheet software's).

31:56 - 45:05 Why did the CFA Institute not conduct exams in August for candidates whose May exams were deferred?

45:07 - 45:54 Career Opportunities

49:55 - 50:56 Will the CFA Institute start providing campus placements?

50:57 - 54:50 What is the role of the Career Centre of the CFA Institute?

54:51 - 56:33 Deferral option for July 2021

56:34 - 59:42 The clash of the CA and the CFA exam windows in November.

59:43 - 1:03:03 Various scholarships provided by the CFA Institute.

1:03:04 - 1:10:29 Transition from being an Engineer to a CFA Charter holder

1:10:30 - 1:13:10 - Closing remarks

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This Video lecture was recorded by our Lead Trainer for CFA, Mr. Utkarsh Jain, during one of his live Session in Pune (India).

To know more about CFA/FRM training at FinTree, visit:
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