Call of Duty Warzone | 100 Tips and Tricks - LEARN EVERYTHING FAST (Modern Warfare)

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Call of Duty Warzone is a great take on Battle Royale but it’s so new we are all still learning everything about the game. I’ve been stalking the devs on twitter and those twitch masters and have compiled 100 pro tips. There’s loads I’ll probably miss so if you have a tip write it below and I’ll heart it to get it noticed. You ready lets do this… glider speed / parachute hacks / best drops / secrets / tips / weapons / mods / attachments / ping system / shield / golden gear / colour coded / color coded / grenade throws / damage / blocking / melee / pro tips / console / controller / looting / icons / tag teammates / resurrect / respawn / golden weapons / hidden mods / self res / character tips and tricks #Warzone #FreeToPlay #BattleRoyale
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