Call of duty Modern warfare|Call of duty black ops cold war|creator of codmaniakz / top 100 in Ww2

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I game mortal Kombat up 11 Lego marvel .NHL 18 ,WW2 call of duty that I was fourtith in the world in , bops 3,Infinate warfare, modern warfare cod & Call of duty black ops cold war & I am the Leader of Codmaniakz find us in psn community's hit me up on my activision account Crazybenttwigg . I'm also maker of other types of content check out my platform leave a comment & share anything u like to your social media , subscribe if you haven't an turn on my notifications . Thier is 420 stuff , gym ,home gym stuff , nature , animals stuff , some drama , sports , new years stuff my birthday stuff ahhhh ha ha!! List goes on an on an on !! Too the break a dawn a dawn !! Don't be afraid to come hit me up on the west end!! My friends & fam every once in a while I don't Crazytalk cuz I'm Crazybenttwigg. I mean for reals only make sence you guysez . Anywho i hope you enjoy , don't for get to try an at least say hello migwich wenugs mad love .
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