Call of Duty: Black Ops Rap Anthem by Dirty Jerkins

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Song performed by DIrty Jerkins:

Beat Produced by Sinima.


It's Trey arch they b-b-back at it
No more whining no more static
The famas is automatic I can't wait to cause some havoc
I can't wait to cock and blast it

Voice over you hear me laughing
You call in a Care Package I'll stab you
then I'll go and grab it

Always popping red dots mounted on galililils
Never stopping nine shots chopper gunner kill kill kill
Kids I'm hacking they crying but I'm r-r-real
now you know the deal

The killings automatic you motherfuckers pathetic
The first round I lay down your whole team yelling for medics
I get sweated like callistetics from the moment I enter the server
to the first bullet who wants to get it

Cuz I d-d-dead it Play me and you gon' regret
I ain't bragging I ain't lying if I said it
Know I meant it

if I said it I can back it up just let me load my weapon
Claymores on the fucking ground
watch out where the hell you stepping

Here we go again I call the huey now I'm harnassed
Trigger got my finger on it
Red box on my fucking targets
b502 gets called in baby b-b-bomb it

Ak47us got that red dot up up on it
I'm a soldier I'm a loner see me rolling
with the stoner whether keyboard or controller
you step up and imma own ya

I'm show ya how to kill baby fuck the moaners
And every I'm called a hacker I Just get a boner
It's Dolphin diving. It's surving Quit your whining
Quit your bitching just kill with the tools provided Bitch I'm a mission

There's no rules this is warfare Imma' keep it violent
And for all those who keep on crying Imma' keep on smiling
Never see me got that ghost got in close not a wish not a hope
Pull my blade nice and slow now the knifes at your throat

Then your bloods on the snow and your team'll never know
See ya later vamanous oh.

Do you really want it? boom
DO you really want it? boom
Do you really want it? boom
I don't think you want it. boom

Do you really want it? boom
DO you really want it? boom
Do you really want it? boom
I don't think you want it. boom

See me running and gunning I got that flash bang im stunning
I got that black bird above me so I can see you coming
And its nothing for me to get a little closer
Ballistic knife up outs its holster

first song I thought i told ya

THat you'll get owned dirty jerkins the best known
tomahawks are getting thrown cant fuck with me in that zone
We Got our rifles locked and loaded notice that the way we hold it
Pro when it blows kills our foes with the proper ownage

Here we go Lock and Load
I'm a pro See my foe
He just froze and he knows
Imma kill em kill em
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