Bejeweled 2 Speedrun: Endless 4 Gems in 1:12:35.12

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I had been meaning to replace my trashy 4 Gem run which took me almost 80 minutes to complete from February for a while now, but other categories in other games distracted me. Now, since I'm on vacation until the end of the week, with the only speed game on my laptop being Bejeweled 2, I decided to focus my free time on beating that time and a few others, like Action 37 Levels, or maybe even some new ones.
As for how this run went, it was pretty great. Tons of big combos went off, and I played an hour and 12 minutes of some of the best Bejeweled 2 I ever have in these runs. Cascades and Hyper Cubes galore, a much better front half, and consistently awesome RNG led to me saving over five minutes compared to my previous crack at this category. I did have another run before this one that I somehow managed to come in two minutes behind my old run, explaining why my Sum of Best Segments has been lowered considerably since then. I'm REALLY happy as to how much time I save here, although there's still a little more room for improvement. There were some light green splits scattered throughout the game that in total cost me a few extra minutes I could have shaved off. Granolant and I agree that sub 1:10 and beyond could definitely be done, although I'm satisfied with this for now. This is a much better run of 4 Gem than I previously had and I'd like to move on to other things I need to work on, such as Action 37 Levels like I mentioned earlier.
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