#249 INEOS Team UK | Eve Of Continuation Of Prada Cup Finals | 19 Feb 2021

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Location: Course C
Wind at time of filming: 10-14Kts SSW (Right to Left)
Filmed from: North Head
Both INEOS Team UK and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli took their final opportunity to train before the finale of the Prada Cup finals. Every day from now onwards is scheduled for racing. There won't be any free days for training until the Prada Cup is lost. Both teams trained on Course E after 3pm for around 2 hours. Both came back to base around the same time; Britannia first, who sailed down the harbour, and Luna Rossa about 5 minutes after, who stopped just after passing Bean Rock to de-rig.

The footage here just shows them coming back from the paddock and sailing past. The first minute is the view from North Head of the boats out on Course E.
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